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No, you can't click the stain. Stop trying.

I was really, truly mourning when I thought Gray Man was dying.


I'm almost mourning the fact that he's not.

7/10/2014 ~ 2:56:54 PM


Thingsandstuff - 7/20/2014 - 5:53:22 PM
I came across a moment he posted about it once while pretty damn drunk, then couldn't remember if it had been real.
giraffephile - 10/1/2014 - 10:03:55 AM
Lucky you. I had the dubious privilege of him lying about it to my fucking face, while playing noble martyr.
red - 10/6/2014 - 1:06:51 AM
He honestly doesn't realize how much Jesus affected his life.

He just wants to be persecuted so he can have an excuse to be a pulsating tumor on the ass of society.
Thingsandstuff - 10/25/2014 - 6:03:56 PM
I was like, actually all worried and stuff. Every time I reloaded somewhere in the back of my mind was the thought, "What if you get a moment from Red telling everyone he died?"

What is it with people lying about dying this past year?


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